Undergraduate Projects

I've completed many projects during my undergrad career at Olin College.

Find out about all of them here.

Recent Projects

Image Crypto with Chaos
Nonlinear Dynamics, Spring 2010

I investigate design considerations and
security concerns involved in using chaotic maps for image encryption.

Teaching and Learning, Spring 2010

Lesson plan to motivate internet security through series of hands-on design challenges.

Olingua Franca

Senior Engineering Capstone, Fall 2009

Designing a systems architecture for distributed control systems.  Project sponsored by IBM.

Favorite Projects

Erdos Random Graphs

Computational Modeling, Fall 2008  

Investigation of connectivity via simulation and theoretical analysis of the critical point.

CdSe Quantum Dots
Materials Science, Fall 2008

Laboratory exploration of wet synthesis methods and optical properties of quantum dots!


Computer Science

Featured projects from Artificial Intelligence, Software Systems, Computational Modeling, and more.

Applied Mathematics

Projects related to encryption, chaos theory, biology, thermodynamics, and applied physics.

Electrical Engineering

Featured projects from circuits, mechatronics, and analog/digital communications.

Modern Islamic Studies

My social sciences and humanities concentration blends political, religious, and sociological perspectives to understand Islam since 1800.

(coming soon)

I took courses in forensic, cognitive, and developmental psychology
while abroad in Scotland.

User-Oriented Design
(coming soon)

Featured courses include User-Oriented Collaborative Design and Human Factors in Interface Design.