Computer Science

These links will help you learn more about computing-related projects I've completed at Olin.

Facebook Virtual File System
Software Systems, Fall 2009

Make the JPEG photos stored online in friends' photo albums accessible as files on your own computer.

Trustworthy Control Systems
Senior Engineering Capstone, Fall 2009

Designing a systems architecture for distributed control systems.  Project sponsored by IBM.

Apollo Guidance Computer Simulation
Computer Architecture,Fall 2008  

Simulated key functionality of the AGC in Verilog.

The Game of Life and Life as a Computer
Computational Modeling, Fall 2008  

I describe Conway's Game of Life and its interesting patterns. I discuss its potential use as a computer and potential patterns that function as basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT) that could make it a Turing-complete machine.

1D Cellular Automata and Randomness

Computational Modeling,Fall 2008  

I study pseudo random number generators and analyze claims that some cellular automata can be PRNGs

Critical Connectivity in Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs
Computational Modeling, Fall 2008  

I discuss a model for random graphs and derive a closed-form expression for the critical value of edge probability in the Erdos-Renyi random graph model that marks a turning point in connectivity.

Introduction to Graph Theory

Computational Modeling, Fall 2008  

I offer a basic introduction to the fundamentals of graph theory, including regular graphs, random graphs, and connectivity. The development of concepts is paralleled by discussion of modeling graphs in Python.

Nash Equilibria in Betweenness Centrality Network Formation Games

Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS), UCLA, Summer 2008

I spent the summer investigating a neat theoretical problem at the intersection of game theory and graph theory. This work was sponsored by the theory group at Microsoft Research Asia.

Natural Language Search for Facebook

Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2007  

A plain English search engine for Facebook. Example: "Find my friends who enjoy baseball and soccer but not rugby."