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Understanding the 1987 Palestinian Intifada I examine several factors - namely historical (interactions with Israel) and sociological (group charisma and cohesion) - that contributed to the widespread support of non-armed resistance during the first Palestinian intifada. May 4, 2009 Societies and Conflict 
CdSe Quantum Dots This was the final project for my introductory materials science class at Olin. We studied the theory, synthesis, and properties of quantum dots. December 12, 2008 Materials Science 
The Game of Life and Life as a Computer I describe Conway's Game of Life and its interesting patterns. I discuss its potential use as a computer and potential patterns that function as basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT). November 8, 2008 Computational Modeling 
Material Science of Optical Mouse We analyze the optical system of an optical mouse to determine the materials science considerations that allow the device to operate effectively. October 15, 2008 Materials Science 
Critical Connectivity in Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs I discuss a model for random graphs and derive a closed-form expression for the critical value of edge probability in the Erdos-Renyi random graph model that marks a turning point in connectivity. October 15, 2008 Computational Modeling 
Introduction to Graph Theory I offer a basic introduction to the fundamentals of graph theory, including regular graphs, random graphs, and connectivity. The development of concepts is paralleled by discussion of programming graphs in Python. October 1, 2008 Computational Modeling 
Network Formation Games My team at RIPS 2008 produced this paper analyzing the structural characteristics of Nash Equilibria in network formation games in which agents attempt to maximize betweenness centrality. August 22, 2008 RIPS 2008 (Research in Industrial Projects for Students) 
Khomeini's Departure from Tradition and Fundamentalism I analyze the the life and work of Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran's first supreme leader. May 1, 2008 Islam in the Modern World 
Reconciling Quran and Science I study the work of two noted Muslim concordists, Sayyid Ahmad Khan, an Indian Muslim reformist of the late 19th century, and Maurice Bucaille, a French physician of the late 20th century March 1, 2008 Islam and the Modern World 
R-2R Circuit as Analog to Digital Converter I use basic electronics laws (Ohm, Kirchoff) to demonstrate a simple A to D converter built from resistors. February 1, 2008 Microelectronic Circuits 
Big Bird: An RC Hovercraft We built Big Bird, a hovercraft controlled remotely from a laptop computer, from scratch in a semester long team project. December 1, 2007 Principles of Engineering (Mechatronics) 
Estimating Genetic Mutation Rates I investigate a variety of literature-grounded techniques used by biologists and geneticists to estimate spontaneous mutation rates. December 1, 2007 Modern Biology 
Natural Language Search On Facebook A plain English search engine for Facebook. Example: "Find my friends who enjoy baseball and soccer but not rugby." May 1, 2007 Artificial Intelligence 
Numerical Techniques for Stock Options We study the Black-Scholes PDE as a method for valuing stock options. May 1, 2007 Vector Calculus 
Pragmatic Reassessment of US Policy toward Israel-Palestine Crisis I offer a series of policy recommendations working toward a two-state solution to the conflict. This analysis was conducted in early 2007, soon after Hamas gained power in Gaza and the current humanitarian crisis was emerging. May 1, 2007 The U.S. and the Muslim World 
Contextual Analysis of Pakistan's Founding An analysis of the political factors which lead to Pakistan's independence from India and British control. March 15, 2007 The U.S. and the Muslim World 
Modeling US Organ Donor Network We study the current US organ allocation system and make policy recommendations. Achieved Meritorious Winner in Interdisciplinary Contest in modeling. March 1, 2007 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling 
Focal Length for E-M Lens We develop a model for the focal length of a simple electromagnetic lens, like that used in electron microscopes. March 1, 2007 Physics: E+M 
Heat Sink Optimization We designed, optimized, and fabricated a multi-fin aluminum heat sink. It tied for first place during in-class experimentation. February 20, 2007 Modeling and Control of Distributed Systems 
Dynamics of Caber Toss My partner and I develop and analyze a mathematical model of the caber toss, a Scottish athletic event involving flipping a telophone-pole sized log. January 1, 2007 Physics: Mechanics 
Envisioning Existential Risks of Artificial Intelligence I draw from fiction, cinema, and current futurist thought to discuss the risk human-level AI may impose on humanity in the next few decades. December 7, 2006 What is "I"? 
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