Undergraduate Research

Graduate School

This page details my undergrad research experiences. 

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As an undergraduate, I've been a part of four significant research projects. 3 related to technical computing and 1 was a qualitative study in computer science education.

Activity Topology Estimation for Multi-Camera Tracking
MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Summer 2009.
Conducted as a research intern within Homeland Protection and Tactical Systems division.
Topics: motion detection, tracking, topology estimation
Project Link: Topology Estimation for Multi-Camera Tracking

Trustworthy Architecture for Distributed Control Systems

Sponsored by IBM Research. Academic Year 2009-10.
Topics: Computer Security, Control Systems
Project Link: http://scope.olin.edu/index.cfm?itemid=IBM2009

Study on Network Formation Games.
Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS).
Summer 2008.
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA. 
Sponsored by Microsoft Research Asia, Theory Group
Topics: Network Formation Games, Algorithms, Game Theory, Graph Theory
Project Link: Nash Equilibria in Network Formation Games

Novice Programming Behavior
Independent Study, Olin College.  Academic Year 2007-08.
Topics: CS Education, Behavioral Psychology
Project page: Novice Programming Research